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Mermaid Sunset Children's Art Kits

Mermaid Sunset Children's Art Kits

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Help your little artist stretch their imagination to the moon and beyond with these Mermaid Sunset Children's Art Kits.

There’s no limits to what they can create with a little push from our creative designs!

Our Art Kits are available with paint but also great for colored pencils, markers, and crayons ‒ help keep things clean and organized. Parents and teachers love them just as much as kiddos do!

AGES: 3-12

Your child will love to paint this Mermaid Sunset Children's Art Canvas.

WHAT'S INCLUDED in 1 Girl's Art Kits:

  1. 8X10 canvas surface
  2. All the paint you need for this design
  3. -acrylic paints for water clean up
  4. 2 or 3 paint brushes (the brushes you need for this project)
  5. Full color image for reference

These Mermaid Sunset Children's Art Kits make an easy gift with unlimited possibilities for artistic inspiration! Our supply kits provide a one-stop shop for all your painting needs and ideal surface on which to paint draw, color, and paint. What could be easier?

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