Welcome to Teresa's Spot for Art!!!

Welcome to Teresa's Spot for Art!!!

Welcome to Teresa’s Spot for All Things Art. We are a small business specializing in paint parties, art kits, painting workshops, hand painted gifts and home decor, and digital art.

I am a Certified One Stroke Decorative painter and have been painting for more than 15 years. As a decorative artist, I guide empty nesters, women in a season of change and those who may be dealing with grief to find joy and self care through quick art projects. I am encouraging Joy through Art in many ways. I share workshops, online virtual events, in person paint parties and art kits, I try to bring positive inspiration through art.

I started Teresa's Silhouette Spot for All Things Art in 2018 as a way of healing, grieving and finding peace through creativity. Maybe painting can be help you too. If not, I love having the opportunity to share my love of painting with you and providing you with the opportunity to give a beautiful hand painted gift to someone special or to get one for yourself. Painting began as my “therapy” and now I love to share art from my heart and the feeling it brings me by bringing it to others.

By teaching Fun Art Paint Nights to groups of 6 or more either in person or virtually via Zoom, I am encouraging JOY throught ART.

Let me help you experience the fun of social painting and create something you will love. I have a wide range of tools to assist beginning painters and children and great options to challenge the most experienced painter too. From public events at restaurants, to private events at your home -- I offer something for everyone. Come to paint and go home with so much more than a painting or door hanger. Leave with new friends, a sense of accomplishment, a new hobby or the realization that you too love to paint.

Thank you so much for being here! I am so thrilled to have you visit us here on our page and I cannot wait to Share Art from My Heart.

-teresa XO 

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