My Joy List: An Easy way to Create More Joy in Your Life

My Joy List: An Easy way to Create More Joy in Your Life

My motto, my elevator pitch, my "thing" is 
"helping others create joy in their life through art" 
and this is TRUE! I love helping others create joy in their life. Painting and art helped me grieve after the loss of my sister. 

I know the healing benefits of art and creating but I also now TIME is a huge problem. 

There is never enough time.

Time to eat.

Time to clean.

Time to check email.

Time to send a text. 

This is why it is so important to create a JOY LIST! You can download your

FREE Copy by clicking the image! 

Today I'd love to share a little hack that's helped me to add more joy, more gratitude and a sunnier outlook on every single day... and it all started by texting myself a list. 

I was working full time. Spending over 3 hrs a day commuting to my full time job. I was running and building my side hustle at night and on the weekends and I was feeling burnt out! 

I have always been a list maker so I grabbed my phone and texted myself a list of things that brought me joy but only took a short amount of time! 

Grab paper and pen.

Grab your planner.

Grab your phone.



What would be on it?

What are a few things that take less then

15 minutes to do but bring you immense joy?

Here is a Template for you to Get Started on your Own Joy list! 


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