How to Ease Depression Symptons with Art

How to Ease Depression Symptons with Art

If you suffer from depression you are possibly at risk for dozens of other health conditions by about 150%.

If you feel off, you are not alone. Have you suffered a loss?

Have you suffered a disappointment that you are having a hard time moving on from?

You and many others struggle on a daily basis. You are not alone. Talk to someone, get moving, find a hobby, get creating. 

Art and painting helps me grieve and yes I say that in the present tense.

Grief does not go away. Grief is ever present. Grief ebbs and flows. Grief can rear its ugly head at any moment and it can be difficult to cope with. 

I am lucky to say that my art and my passion for painting has helped me and I would love for it to help others too. 

Watch me. Paint with me. Grab one of art kits. 

Art therapy provides an individual who is feeling overwhelmed with an opportunity to slow down and evaluate issues that are happening in their life. It provides them with a way to manage their behavior, reduce anxiety, process feelings, and destress.



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