7 Things Optimistic People Do Differently than Others

7 Things Optimistic People Do Differently than Others


Whenever we start anything new—a different workout routine or learning another language—creating routines helps us improve our skills. But when it comes to more emotional and mental aspirations, like improving our mindset and being more positive, it is quite a bit harder.
But, like anything else, optimism or being a glass is half full kind of person, is a habit that can be strengthened by developing healthy practices in our daily routine.

1. Optimistic people allow themselves to feel all the feels. 

Being optimistic doesn't necessarily mean always being positive or seeing the bright side of everything. Being optimistic means giving yourself permission and grace to feel all of your feelings and allow others to support you through your journey, to always to have confidence and to hope for the future. Things do and will go wrong, but maintain an even keel and give yourself or the situation some grace.

2. Optimistic people try to stay in the moment.

People that suffer from anxiety,  fret about things that may (or may not) happen in the future, like someone they love getting sick, losing their job or a car accident. Part of being more positive is trying your best to live in the present. 
Optimism is about knowing that the only moment you can control or change is the one you’re in right now. 
The next time you feel on edge or leaning toward negativity, anchor you in the present by taking notices of what you can see, touch, hear, and smell right now. This will help you be in the moment. 

3. Optimistic people focus on their uniqueness and value.

We are all unique. We all have certain skill sets. Focus on our skills, abilities and talents and not on the negatives or what others can do. Don't struggle with being perfect, strive to just be better. 

4. Optimistic people use Positive Framing Techniques.

Think about the last time you had an argument with a loved one or were completely stressed out. Try to find some positive in that situation or at least LESS negative. Did you and your loved one communicate something new?

5. Optimistic people know how and when to say NO.

Saying no seems so negative and counter intuitive but we all strive to be happy, content, relaxed, and to have some balance in life. Saying no sometimes allows us more opportunity to say YES. Saying yes, creating more stress in your life, and then regretting the YES is much worse than saying NO. 
Saying NO to certain things that don’t bring you joy can actually help bring you clarity, peace, and contentment. 

6. Optimistic people Practice Gratitude.

Try to focus on what you have versus what you do not have. Find joy in the little things. A sunny day. A pretty flower. Your favorite song popped on. 

7. Optimistic people surround themselves with Supportive People.

It is so easy to fall into someone else's trap of negativitiy. Don't do it. When you are with others who see the "bright side" it helps you maintain a positive attitude as well. 
Optimistic people look for opportunities to find joy, create joy or be content. Art can help with that. Are you struggling or overwhelmed? Say no to another commitment and take 30 minutes for yourself to create. 

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