3 Simple One Stroke Florals

3 Simple One Stroke Florals

How to paint a One Stoke Carnation, Aster and Wild Rose with the One Stroke Decorative Painting Technique. 

Learn how to paint with One Stroke. Blend, shade and highlight in ONE STROKE! 

I'm Teresa, a Certified One Stroke Decorative painter. 

I love helping others create some JOY in their life through ART. 

I use Plaid Folk Art Multi Surface paints and Plaid Folk Art brushes but you can use whatever you have on hand. I will say, that you will have the most success by using Plaid FolkArt Multi Surface paints and Plaid Folkart brushes. 

This video walks you step by step to teach you how to paint a One Stroke carnation, a One Stroke Wild Rose and a One Stroke Aster. 

Remember, painting, like anything else. takes practice.


Plaid Multi Surface paint colors:


-citrus green


-ultramarine blue

You can grab all these paints here in my Amazon shop!!! 

Watch the Step by Step beginner One Stroke Video here!!! 

Beginner One Stroke Aster, Carnation, Wild Rose



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