2 Main Types of Artists!!!!

2 Main Types of Artists!!!!

Exploring the Artistic Adventure: Two Types of Artists

Hey there, fellow art enthusiasts! Today, let's dive into the colorful world of art and uncover the stories of two different types of artists.

Picture this: one artist seems to be born with a magical art gene, while the other is like a determined explorer, lifelong learner, carving their path with passion and practice and new skills. 

Let's take a fun journey through these two creative paths!

The Art Wizard:

First up, we have what I like to call the Art Gene. This artist is like a magician with a paintbrush, conjuring up masterpieces with seemingly effortless charm. They've got that special spark right from the start, doodling dragons and unicorns that look like they just stepped out of a fairy tale. It's like they were born with a secret art recipe, and their canvases are the spell books where they cast their colorful magic. In my mind those born with the art gene can create in many different mediums and usually more than one class, like how many actors do we know that can act and sing or act and play an instrument!!

The Art Adventurer:

Now, let's meet the Art Adventurer! This artist is all about the journey, not just the destination. They might not have been born with a paintbrush in hand, but boy, do they make up for it with their passion and curiosity. This is me. I was not creative as a child. I started painting in my 40s when I was struggling with like. Art became my therapy at first and now it is my passion. 

I am like a  treasure hunter, scouring the land and innerweb,  for art techniques and tricks, learning and practicing until my skills shine bright and I am confident I can share those skills with others. 

The Big Reveal:

Guess what? Both of these artists, the Art Wizard born with the Art Gene and the Art Adventurer, bring something awesome to the creative table. It's like having two different flavors of ice cream – both delicious, just in their own unique way!

The Art Wizard dazzles us with their natural talent, while the Art Adventurer inspires us with their hard work, determination and passion.

Just the way Art can't be wrong. The artist's path can't be wrong. Don't let not having formal training or a Master's in Fine art, or the Art Gene, deter you from creating!!! 

Just create some Joy in your Life through Art and if you need help, I am here to help.

Hop over to my Youtube Channel 

Teresa's Spot for Easy Simple Beginner Art where there are dozens of step by step acrylic painting video tutorials. 

I teach you brush stroke by brush stroke how to paint and create some JOY. 

So, what's the moral of our artistic adventure? Well, it's simple: art is all about having fun and expressing yourself! Whether you're painting like a wizard or adventuring like a pro, there's no right or wrong way to create.

So, let's celebrate the diversity of talent and passion in the art world, and remember to always keep the creative juices flowing and create some Joy in your hectic life through Art. 


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