Rustic Framed Inspiration Sign- It’s Fine


Rustic Farmhouse Framed Wood Sign-It’s Fine-Gift. Framed white sign in natural wood frame.

Inspirational Farmhouse Framed Rustic Wood Sign.


My hand painted Rustic Farmhouse Framed It’s Fine Signs are the perfect addition to your Rustic Home Decor. Whether you are into French Country or Country Chic, my Hand Painted wooden Farmhouse Signs are always hand painted by me each and every time, I am A certified One Stroke Artist!

Design Features:

This Hand Painted Wooden Sign can hang in your family room or master bedroom as simple inspirational piece.   Design on a dime! This Sign is exclusively featured here in my shop and is hand painted by me! Each one is done at the time you order to make it exclusively yours.


The Birch Wood is has a background of white with black lettering. These are painted with acrylic paint. Each one has natural imperfections and no two are alike. The wood has gone through a process of sanding, then staining and then sealing. It is Designed to look Shabby Chic, in the farmhouse style to fit into decors that are Rustic and also French Country and/or Country Chic! Each one comes with a Saw Tooth Hanger on the back for easy decorating in your home.


approx. 6.5″ X 6.5″ with frame

Many Uses:

Hang anywhere in your Home Space to brighten up your wall or your front door! Hang in small spaces for a big impact. Place as a shelf sitter on the fireplace mantel for a beautiful accent piece. This is perfect to give as a gift to new brides, wedding gifts, 5th anniversary gift is WOOD, housewarming gifts, holiday gifts. Decorate your space with Customized Rustic Farmhouse Chic-

Your imagination is the limit!


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