Galvanized Metal Tin-Farmhouse decor with Hand Painted Roses


This galvanized metal tin is hand painted with One Stroke painting technique. Our galvanized metal tub is approximately 20″ X 11″ X 6″with handles on either side. Hand painted and embellished with one of kind artwork therefore it can be personalized with any name or saying with permanent vinyl. Customers can use this tin for plants, or as an ice bucket, or paper goods at your next BBQ. Therefore it makes a great shower gift , house warming gift , host/hostess gift, or wedding gift. Pet lovers will love it for their pet toys.

*Please note- these items are personally designed and hand – painted. Slight variations may occur.

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My hand painted personalized Galvanized Metal Tubs are the perfect addition to your Home Decor. Whether you are into French Country or Country Chic, my personalized galvanized metal tubs are hand painted. Each one is personally hand painted by me, A certified Artist!

Design Features:

This beautiful metal tub is decorated with Big,Bold Roses that fill your area with love. Roses are known for their friendship & love qualities and the ability to family, relationships, along with caring.Roses impart a smile without even trying!


The galvanized metal tub is 20”x11”x 6”with handles on both sides

Make it yours:

Message me to personalize your bucket with a name or saying! Personalize to give as a wedding gift, shower gifts, house warming gifts and more. Who wouldn’t be delighted with a their own personalized metal tub to adorn their space?

Many Uses:

Place green plants inside to decorate your space with greenery.Use outside for your next party as an Ice Bucket! Hold your napkins and forks and spoons at your next outdoor Barbecue. Put towels and washcloths inside for a great guest bathroom holder.Use for any type of storage and organization. Decorate your space with French Country country chic.

Your imagination is the limit!

Personalize it!

Please Note- These items are hand-painted. Slight variations may occur.

Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 8 in
Galvanized metal tin

Custom galvanized metal tin


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