Customized Growth Chart Child’s Keepsake Ruler


6′ X 8″ Custom, one of a kind Keepsake growth charts. A variety of colors to choose from for the lines, NAME, and numbers. Track your child’s growth on this custom ruler. Custom designed artwork. Please note-Due to the hand painted nature of this product, slight variations may occur in design and color.6′ customized wood growth chart. Can be personalized with your child’s name and or birthday. Available in a variety of colors.

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My Customized Growth Chart Child’s Keepsake Rulers are the perfect addition to your Child’s Nursery Room Decor. These hand painted growth rulers fit any nursery decor because they can be customized to compliment your style. my Hand Painted Customized Wooden Growth Charts are always hand painted by me each and every time, I am A certified Donna Dewberry One Stroke Artist!

Design Features:

This Hand Painted Customized Growth Chart is the perfect addition to your Child’s room and life! Measuring the growth of a child’s life is a sweet, nostalgic way to record your child’s life in stages. This Growth Chart eliminates the need to writing on the door frame in your home, and having to paint it over for moving or relocating. This Wooden Sign can be customized to include your child’s name and a motif design that you can choose your style from. Then in the customized box please tell me the child’s name you would like on the ruler. A very unique, keepsake for your child’s life.


This painted wood ruler measures approx. 6’X7.5″.

Important notes:

Each one is done at the time you order to make it exclusively yours. Each one takes 2 weeks for design and completion. Orders are shipped BY two weeks from order date.


The Wood is personalized with your child’s name in permanent vinyl. The ruler marks are accurate. Pick from these styles or come up with own. I will happy to tell you if your choice is within my artistic abilities.


Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 64 in


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